Saturday, 18 April 2015



"I will cross that bridge when I get there," he resolved to himself.
But he didn't.
And it doesn't matter. 
Because who is to know?

*    *    *

"She used to scrub the floors in one of those for years."
"Dull work."
"Not really."
"Her son later bought her all of it."

*    *    *

    "Come see me. I am where we first met."
"One last time?"
"One last time."

*    *    *


She always knew she would save the world. But not today. 

Today, she needed a bit of saving of her own. Today, she needed to stand up to her bully.

Or maybe there was no bully. Because, in his defence, and rightly so, he was "just trying to pull her leg."

*    *    *

Our bodies should be our temple. His was his cage.

He was learning to break free from inhibition. And he did.

That day, he danced as if nobody was watching.

*    *    *

He didn't know the procedure. He had never inflicted pain on himself before. He would improvise, anyway.

There is good news too for all the religious people in the house. 

For all that is worth, he had joy written all over his face.

*    *    *

Friday, 2 January 2015

Goodbye, Goodbye

Have a look,
But do not stare;
My demons are contagious.
And I have seen them off for good.

How I wish we were vessels!
Our souls would leak as we wandered
In those punctured bodies, 
Leaving imaginary footprints across  globe.
Spilled wine and comfort food,
Manic indulgences in all things that we call life.
Permanent misfits and glimpses of charm school:
The proverbial fork in the road.

Toasting to yet another chapter of existence,
Us becoming worthier of us.
And still no pompous declarations of farewell,
Because here is a plain and lousy goodbye, goodbye.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fall Already?

The pristine blueness

Of the morning sky,

The mystic coolness,

Of the breeze rushing past the rye.

The manifestation of sepia ,

In the leaves of every a tree.

The surge of freshness in the bronchia,

Effected by the winds of sea set free.

Everything suggests it is already fall,

Even the glow of the sun;

But season’s are not known to ignore time’a call

Whether it is winter or autumn or none…

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Skewed Nation: Grey

The constipated pastor left out an air of relief; as the non-punctual groom limped hurriedly to his blushing bride. Soon she would officially become the happiest girl in the world. After all, he was the stuff that girls often dreamt of! He had promised to take all those lyrical pains away. Enough of the dark life. Things were now going to brighten up. Gods had specially sent him to put the stars back on her barren night sky.

The local news didn't report of any survivors from the ancient church whose building collapsed during some wedding ceremony.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Skewed Nation: Black

She was a young inhibited girl in a family of little or no means. She had never had friends. She wasn't unfriendly, but was too timid to talk to anybody. Somebody convinced her that sharing food helps make friends. So she took a leap of faith next day, and shared all her little food with a stranger. Voila! They became friends. She tried the trick again but with an another stranger. And it worked again! She was euphoric. She now had the secret that she had always longed for! She was soon trading away all her food for new acquaintances. The peak of social popularity was soon conquered. Everybody loved the food and her.

She died of malnutrition a few months later.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Skewed Nation: White

It was the last day of the year, and this man woke up to a sense of a mid-life crisis of sorts. He had been really judgemental of others since as long as he could remember. And this was burning a hole in his system of peace. No, he would not carry this negative trait to the next year, he decided. He made the necessary amends to his personality and thus started the new year with a thoroughly cleansed soul. He wasn't critical of people any longer and beat the urge to look for flaws. He accepted them as they were and even blessed them as they walked past him. The whole of humanity was welcomed with open arms, for the first time.

This was the single most career-wrecking New Year resolution in the life of a high-ranking and respected Judge.